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Words of Love

  • Your film of our wedding is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. We are watching it now and loving every minute of it. Thank you for capturing so many special moments. We are so thrilled!

    Chris + Peyton Lambton (HGTV & DIY Network Stars)
  • OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I LITERALLY JUST WATCHED IT 3 TIMES IN A ROW BECAUSE I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH!!!!!! I love it, I LOVE it. You guys did an incredible job of telling our story, showcasing all the details, and making it feel real and genuine. I love the organization of it all, I think it was brilliant. Thank you for all of your hard work, for going the extra mile and creating something incredibly special for us. I am so honored to have those memories so beautifully presented. I am so excited to have them forever.

    Ben + Marie
  • Brad, this video is unbelievable. You could have hyped it 10x more and I still don’t think it would have done it justice. I love the name, and i couldn’t be happier with the video. I’ve watch it 5 times already and every time I do, I notice something else. The crane shot is amazing, my eyebrow raise while she’s walking to see me, and the shot through the chair, the list goes on and on. Simply put: Amazing and THANK YOU again!

    Tim + Betsy
  • We are speechless. The music, the footage, I just have no words 🙂 Thanks so very much for creating this. I absolutely love that you used Christie’s message for the voiceover. What perfect words — we need to hear them everyday! I’m going to keep watching until I catch every little thing!

    Kinsey + Coley
  • Corey and I finally had a chance last night to watch our wedding video. Wow! It really blew us away. It was amazing to see little details we hadn’t witnessed or remembered. Having a record of all of the toasts is especially meaningful to us. I’m really glad you guys were there for everything. It was such a wonderful addition to our wedding weekend. Thank you! You guys really are the best and I recommend you to everyone I know.

    Corey + Carrie
  • I forgot SO MUCH about that day and what was said… It is so awesome to be able to watch it again and relive it and really listen to the ceremony and the speeches… I cannot tell you how much we will cherish this video. We both are so amazed and impressed! We love it more than words could ever express. For real… It’s Perfect

    Ryan + Sara

Filming and Delivery

All weddings are filmed in 4K and delivered as 4K files for the highest possible quality for archival purposes.  All Wedding Files will be delivered either digitally or via USB drive, making them easy to share online with friends and family.

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