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Wedding Highlights Film :: Mary Katherine + Zach :: “All He Did Was Smile” :: Green Valley Country Club :: Greenville, SC

We had so much fun at Mary Katherine and Zach’s wedding. From the moment we arrived, they made us feel like one of the family and the fun didn’t stop all day. We knew from the beginning, we wanted to carry the fun atmosphere of their day over into their wedding highlights film.  One of Zach’s groomsmen did his fair share of helping us create this fun film.  All day, he kept asking to do interviews for the camera, so how could we resist using them in the wedding film.
Their beautiful wedding ceremony at Green Valley Country Club in Greenville, SC was highlighted by the perfect backdrop as the sun was setting over the golf course.  It made for an incredible setting for their reception and luckily the rain held off so that we could capture some footage of the two of them on the golf course after the ceremony.  
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Bride: Mary Katherine Jordan
Groom: Zach Martin
Ceremony Location: Green Valley Country Club – Greenville, SC
Reception Location: Green Valley Country Club – Greenville, SC

Wedding Film :: Megan + Jeff :: “It Was Always You” :: Boone Hall Plantation :: Charleston SC

Megan and Jeff have an amazing love story that started in 7th grade. When you have a story like that, then you definitely need to have an amazing person tell it for you on your wedding day…… and that’s exactly what Megan and Jeff did. They had none other than Lori Beth Denberg from Nickelodeon’s “All That” show come in to town and be the officiant at their wedding. It was just one part of their amazing wedding day at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, SC that we were honored to be asked to capture.
Since Megan and Jeff had such a special story, they decided to write their own vows so they could share their story with everyone that came to share their special day with them.  After the ceremony, they had an amazing reception on the Boone Hall property that was highlighted by the sunset backdrop over the water.  You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing love story as it unfolds.
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Bride: Megan Behan
Groom: Jeff Waters
Ceremony Location: Boone Hall Plantation – Charleston, SC
Reception Location: Boone Hall Plantation – Charleston, SC

Wedding Film :: Tyler + Jamie :: “Really Soon” :: Chapman Cultural Center :: Spartanburg SC

Everything about Tyler and Jamie’s wedding was awesome for us. The ceremony was awesome… The reception was awesome… The time we got to spend filming them in love was awesome… But the thing we loved most about their wedding day was the speeches at the reception. The speeches given by their best man and Maid of Honor really set the tone for our film. They paid a great tribute to their relationship while making it relevant to their wedding day. From a wedding day standpoint, these speeches helped make the day memorable for everyone there by giving them a glimpse into Tyler and Jamie’s relationship. From a wedding film standpoint, they were an amazing way for us to tell their story from the words of those that know them best.

Tyler and Jamie have a great story, one that we are so honored we got to tell. From the fun that we had hanging out with them during their prep to the intimate ceremony they had with their friends and family, we had an amazing time sharing the day with these two.

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Bride: Jamie Beltram
Groom: Tyler Peters
Prep Location: Inn on Main – Spartanburg, SC
Ceremony Location: Episcopal Church of the Advent – Spartanburg, SC
Reception Location: Chapman Cultural Center – Spartanburg, SC

Wedding Highlights Film :: Brittany + Drake :: “Yours, and Only Yours” :: Isle of Palms, SC

Brittany and Drake had an amazing wedding at The Citadel Beach Club at Isle of Palms, SC. The weather was perfect all day and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. They decided to rent a beach house close to the wedding venue where they did all of their prep with their friends and family. It gave us a great time to capture Brittany and Drake enjoying the day with their friends and also gave us a chance to spend time getting to know their friends and family and we had a great time hanging out with all of them.

Their ceremony was beautiful and it definitely gave us a great time to bring the drone out to capture some aerial footage of their wedding location. All of this was made even more special when Brittany and Drake broke out their own wedding vows and began speaking them to each other. It was a seriously moving experience and there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen. It just goes to show that when you throw 2 people madly in love with each other into a beautiful setting and they have the freedom to exchange vows in their own words, magic can really happen.

Brittany and Drake, thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding. Be sure to watch their video below and leave a comment for them if you enjoyed the video

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Bride: Brittany Eubanks
Groom: Drake Enloe
Ceremony Location: The Citadel Beach Club – Isle of Palms / Charleston, SC
Reception Location: The Citadel Beach Club – Isle of Palms / Charleston, SC
Photographer: Linda Conner Photography – Spartanburg, SC

Wedding Film :: Kent + Natalie :: “Laying the Foundation” :: Moore SC

2013 was a banner year for all of us here at Artifice Films. We got to tell some amazing stories, meet awesome people and visit some pretty incredible places. But, I think it is safe to say that one of us had a more eventful year than others. Kent has been here since the beginning and this past November, he decided that after years of filming weddings, it was finally time to have one of his own.

In Kent’s “other” life, he sells dental supplies and that is how he and Natalie met. She worked for a dentist and one day when Kent went to call on that dentist, Natalie began talking to Kent about a dental supply called a “245 carbine bur” that they were having issues with. Kent took care of the issue and they never thought much more about it. Then, 8 months later when Kent was making a routine trip to Home Depot, he happened to see Natalie and her son there. They talked and the rest is history. The cool thing about this is that for a wedding gift for Natalie during their first look, Kent gave her a #245 carbide bur” that he had placed on a necklace and gave it to her since that is where their story began.

Kent and Natalie decided to have their ceremony on land that Kent’s family owns. They knew it would be beautiful in November and they were right. Month and months of planning and preparation went into making the farm land suitable for a wedding venue. Every last detail was planned and Kent being the “do-it-yourselfer” was making last minute site preparations right up until the day of the wedding. The result was a stunning wedding held on the land where Kent and Natalie hope to build a house one day. Everything about the day was perfect. Even though the rain started to creep in, it held off pretty much the entire day and they were able to have the ceremony they had dreamed about.

A great thing about being in the wedding business is that you get the opportunity to “borrow” ideas from weddings you work and you also get to meet a lot of vendors. Kent and Natalie took a lot of ideas from weddings we have shot over the last 4 years and put them into his wedding. If you’re a former bride, there is a chance you may see an idea from your wedding here. Not only that, but when it came time to select a photographer, Kent was able to dig all the way back to a wedding we shot in 2011 and find the photographer that we worked with in Delaware on that wedding. It was nice having a reunion with our friend Hooman from Vesic Photography who always makes sure a wedding day is full of fun.

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Bride: Natalie McCall
Groom: Kent Chastain
Ceremony Location: Poplar Springs Angus Farm – Moore, SC
Reception Location: Poplar Springs Angus Farm – Moore, SC

Wedding Film :: Anna + Kevin :: “Milk, Eggs, String Cheese…” :: Grace Church :: Greenville SC

know we say that we work with the greatest couples all the time, but honestly, it’s true. We love the fact we get to work with so many amazing couples and Anna and Kevin are no exception. They are truly a prime example of how to make a wedding a celebration of your relationship.

Anna and Kevin have a great story. To make it short, Anna and Kevin met and dated and then decided to take time away from each other, then realized they were truly meant to be with each other, got back together, dated some more and then got married. While most couples would choose to ignore the “time apart” they had in their relationship, Anna and Kevin made a decision to talk about how important that time was in their lives and how that time helped strengthen their relationship and their love for each other. Hearing personalized vows from Kevin and Anna make me realize just how much we love doing what we do. We love capturing raw moments of emotion like Kevin and Anna showed during their ceremony. We also love the fact that they honored their relationship, but didn’t take themselves too seriously during the ceremony. Things like this are what make for memorable weddings and I am so glad we were on hand to capture everything.

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Bride: Anna Baughman
Groom: Kevin Lominac
Ceremony Location: Grace Church Downtown – Greenville, SC
Reception Location: Larkin’s Sawmill – Greenville, SC
Photographer: Aperture Vision Photography – Greenville, SC – (View Pictures)
Makeup: Shantel the Makeup Artist – Greenville, SC
Hair: Kassie Gage from Parlour Nouveau – Greenville, SC
Ceremony Musicians: Sullivan Family Singers
Reception Entertainment: DJ EZ – Anderson, SC

Wedding Film :: Ben + Marie :: “The Full Weight of the Word” :: Spartanburg, SC

Where do we even begin with Ben and Marie’s wedding?  Their wedding was insane from the start. There were so many details, so many amazing speeches and so much love being shared that day and we are so glad we were on hand to capture everything.

Ben is the lead vocalist in The Delta Saints and Marie is a Singer / Songwriter. Both of them live in Nashville, TN, but decided to travel back to Marie’s hometown in South Carolina to have their wedding at the Hines family home. It is a beautiful home overlooking the lake and Marie and Ben knew just how to take advantage of the setting to make everything perfect.

Marie spent weeks making sure the smallest details of her wedding were just right. In fact, she actually made a ton of the small details you see in her film herself. From the gold painted books she used on the tables at their reception to the flags for her photos. She even documented a lot of it on her Instagram, which you should follow if you’re not.

Despite all of the beauty surrounding their wedding and the amazing speeches given by their family and friends, the one thing that completely blew us away from their wedding was their vows. True, they are songwriters and creatives at heart, but nothing could prepare us for the words they said to each other. Literally, it was one of those ‘epic’ moments and I am glad we were there to capture it so they can relive it for years to come.

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Bride: Marie Hines
Groom: Ben Ringel
Wedding Coordinator: Events By Haley – Greenville, SC
Ceremony Location: Hines Family Home – Spartanburg, SC
Reception Location: Hines Family Home – Spartanburg, SC
Photographer: Melissa Madison Fuller – Nashville, TN
Ceremony Musician: Nashville String Quartet – Nashville, TN
Ceremony Musician: Holley Maher – Nashville, TN
Cocktail Hour Musicians: The Westbound Rangers – Nashville, TN
Reception DJ: Ben Hines, Jr – Clemson, SC

Highlights Film Music: Steve Moakler – “Thing About Us” – Used with Special Permission from Steve Moakler.
Highlights Film Music: Tony Anderson – “The Father’s Heart” – Officially Licensed from The Music Bed

Wedding Highlights Film :: Coley + Kinsey :: “Practice Makes Possible” :: Lowndes Grove Plantation :: Charleston SC

Back in June, we had the great opportunity to film our first wedding at the Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, SC. When Kinsey contacted us to film her wedding, we were extremely excited to be a part of their day. Not only did they seem like a great couple to be around, but the Lowndes Grove Plantation is a beautiful venue and we couldn’t wait to see how we could capture the day.

Kinsey and Coley were married on the front lawn of the plantation, which overlooks the water, but along with that, we got a nice unexpected bonus. Not only did their ceremony have the beautiful backdrop of the water, but they picked the perfect time of day for their ceremony, because just as their ceremony started, the sun began setting into the water and it was breathtaking.

With all of the personal touches Kinsey and Coley put into their wedding, we really wanted to capture the essence of their wedding day and show as much as we could. The only problem was that there was seriously so much that it couldn’t be captured with a 4 minute long video, (Don’t worry, there will be much more in the full wedding film) especially when you had a great story from the officiant and the stunning sunset as a backdrop for the footage we shot of just Kinsey and Coley.

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Ceremony Location: Lowndes Grove Plantation – Charleston, SC
Photographer: Jarrad Lister – Greenville, SC
Wedding Planner: Ooh Events – Charleston, SC
Entertainment: The Mighty Kicks – Charleston, SC
Hair & Makeup: Stella-Nova – Charleston, SC

Wedding Film :: Cassie + Dave :: “1 Day, 1 Minute, 1 Second at a Time” :: Chicago, IL

A few months ago, I was talking with a friend of mine from film school and he heard I had left my job on One Tree Hill to move back to South Carolina and shoot wedding films. For those of you who have read the bio on our main site, you know the story behind that move. Since the start of Artifice Films, we have strived to take elements used in the film and television world and apply them to weddings in order to make a more personal, emotional, and professional product. Well, as I was talking to that friend of mine, he said something that made me think about the industry we are in. He asked me why I was shooting wedding videos, and then said “Aren’t you too big for that kind of work now?” Of course, he was joking about me being “big time,” but the meaning of his comment made me think. To so many people outside this profession, they look at it is a downgrade to shoot wedding films. It made me realize why I started this company in the first place: Because for so long, this part of the wedding industry has been ignored and thus the quality of work has suffered. That apparently started a chain reaction, because as I looked around, so many brides were opting not to include wedding videography in their budget and thus missing an important opportunity to capture such an important event. So my main goal for starting this company was so that in a small way, I can join the new breed of creative filmmakers that are starting to re-invent this industry and make videography relevant again. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than shooting wedding films. Each new wedding we shoot is a new couple we get to meet; It is a new film we get to plan and a new story we get to tell. There is nothing more rewarding to us than to be able to create something that will be so meaningful to a couple YEARS down the road…. Long after the popularity of One Tree Hill or the latest film or TV show fades away. While we are just a small part of this growing community, we like to feel like we are making a difference with our work. We like to feel like we are changing people’s perception of wedding videos in general and we hope we are creating something new and innovative with each wedding. This is why we have decided to release some of our full wedding videos. We want to give people a complete view of the work that we do for our weddings. Since Cassie and Dave were our first wedding for 2011, we decided to start with them.

Since we have already done a full blog post dedicated to their wedding here, we won’t go into much detail about their big day. However, Cassie and Dave have a great story on how they met and since that is our favorite part of meeting a new couple, we always like to share those, especially when we incorporate it into the video. Cassie and Dave first met when Cassie was the Maid of Honor at a friend’s wedding and Dave was the Best Man in the same wedding. From there they started dating and a little while later, they were married. Their wedding also presented us with a very unique challenge. Instead of having the typical reception the night of the wedding, Cassie and Dave decided to wait a month to have a reception back in their hometown of Marquette MI so that all of their friends could attend. So, that night, Cassie and Dave decided to have a sit-down dinner at the restaurant where they were married and enjoy a very intimate time with their friends and family who attended the wedding in Chicago. This allowed us to capture the speeches some of their family members gave that night and we decided to build their full wedding film around those speeches. In our opinion, those speeches gave a very intimate look into Cassie and Dave’s relationship and we couldn’t be more pleased with how they fit within the story. We are proud to share Cassie and Dave’s wedding video with you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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Ceremony Venue: Osteria Via Stato – Chicago, IL
Reception Venue: Osteria Via Stato – Chicago, IL
Photographer: Jen Badalamenti – View Pictures
Hotel: Dana Hotel – Chicago, IL