Wedding Highlight Films

Wedding Highlights Film :: Coley + Kinsey :: “Practice Makes Possible” :: Lowndes Grove Plantation :: Charleston SC

Back in June, we had the great opportunity to film our first wedding at the Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, SC. When Kinsey contacted us to film her wedding, we were extremely excited to be a part of their day. Not only did they seem like a great couple to be around, but the Lowndes Grove Plantation is a beautiful venue and we couldn’t wait to see how we could capture the day.

Kinsey and Coley were married on the front lawn of the plantation, which overlooks the water, but along with that, we got a nice unexpected bonus. Not only did their ceremony have the beautiful backdrop of the water, but they picked the perfect time of day for their ceremony, because just as their ceremony started, the sun began setting into the water and it was breathtaking.

With all of the personal touches Kinsey and Coley put into their wedding, we really wanted to capture the essence of their wedding day and show as much as we could. The only problem was that there was seriously so much that it couldn’t be captured with a 4 minute long video, (Don’t worry, there will be much more in the full wedding film) especially when you had a great story from the officiant and the stunning sunset as a backdrop for the footage we shot of just Kinsey and Coley.

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Ceremony Location: Lowndes Grove Plantation – Charleston, SC
Photographer: Jarrad Lister – Greenville, SC
Wedding Planner: Ooh Events – Charleston, SC
Entertainment: The Mighty Kicks – Charleston, SC
Hair & Makeup: Stella-Nova – Charleston, SC

Wedding Highlights Film :: Tim + Betsy :: “The Jelly to my Peanut Butter” :: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Sometimes you have things that seem that they were just meant to be. Tim and Betsy’s wedding was one of those things. Their wedding date was October 1, 2011. We had more inquiries for that date this year than any other date, but for one reason or another, things just didn’t work out with any of them. Then, about a month before their wedding, Betsy contacted us and ended up booking us for their wedding in Rehoboth Beach, DE. So, 4 weeks later, we were off on our first venture into Delaware.

One of the things that was a constant theme throughout the weekend was laughter. Tim and Betsy love to have fun with each other and are one of the most down to earth couples you could imagine. As we began to hear stories about things they had done together and witnessed their personalities first hand that weekend, we realized that Tim and Betsy are the kind of people that live to share memorable moments with each other. This became very evident the more time we spent with them throughout the weekend and especially during their ceremony.

Tim and Betsy had an amazing ceremony overlooking the bay at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club. Even though we had been a little worried about the rain for a while that weekend, we managed to escape a rain shower and their wedding went off amazingly. It really gave us a chance to stretch our creativity and shoot their ceremony in a brand new way. Needless to say, it was a time that was filled with touches of Tim and Betsy’s personalities and PLENTY of laughter.

Tim and Betsy’s reception was headlined by a completely unique entertainment idea we had never seen. Since Tim and Betsy were such a huge fan of Dueling Pianos, they decided to book a pair of Dueling Pianos for their reception. The guys from Dueling Pianos International tore the roof off of the place (Can’t wait to share this footage in the wedding film.) We loved the fact they were able to take something they loved and incorporate it into the wedding in such an amazing way.

We finished the weekend out by joining Tim and Betsy on Rehoboth Beach the next morning at 6:00 a.m. for a sunrise shoot with their photographer, Hooman, from Vesic Photography. It was the perfect finish to the weekend. We had the perfect weather and the perfect sunrise that morning. It really gave us the chance to get some intimate pictures with Tim and Betsy during their first day as husband and wife.

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Ceremony Location: Rehoboth Beach Country Club – Rehoboth Beach, DE
Reception Location: Rehoboth Beach Country Club – Rehoboth Beach, DE
Photographer: Vesic Photography – Raleigh, NC
Entertainment: Dueling Pianos International – Royal Oak, MI

Wedding Highlights Film :: Dave + Cassie :: “The First Day” :: Chicago IL

Kent and I had the pleasure of heading up to Chicago for New Years to shoot Dave and Cassie’s wedding. Needless to say, it was an amazing event that we were so honored to be a part of.

We arrived in Chicago on New Years Eve to capture a party Dave and Cassie were having at their house with friends and family that night. We always knew we wanted to start the video off with this, because we really felt this was the start of their wedding weekend.

The next morning, we joined Cassie and Dave and their families down at the Osteria Via Stato where they were getting everything prepped for the wedding that night. We loved the way the entire family came together to transform the room into the perfect ceremony location. It ended up being absolutely beautiful and we loved the candid moments we were able to capture by filming this part of their day. After that, we followed Cassie to a local nail salon and spa where she and her close friends and family spent the morning getting manicures and pedicures. After that, we returned to the Dana Hotel to being capturing Dave and Cassie’s final prep for the wedding. While we were there, we made the decision to focus the video heavily on Dave and Cassie’s vows. Both of them poured so much emotion into their vows that we knew we had to make them the focus of the video. We also had a blast hanging out with Dave and Cassie in their rooms with their friends and family during the afternoon. Both of them were so excited about the evening and they were so relaxed that we were able to capture some great moments with them.

Dave and Cassie had one of the most intimate ceremonies we have ever been a part of. They conducted the full ceremony with their friends and family surrounding them. It really made the entire evening feel more intimate, almost like they included everyone in their ceremony. We felt it really helped add a lot of emotion to the evening and really made their ceremony special.

Following the ceremony, we joined their photographer for a trip down the streets of Chicago to capture the first moments of Cassie and Dave being husband and wife. It was amazing… but what made it even more amazing was that Cassie wore a sleeveless dress at night time in Chicago in 17 degree weather. I have no idea how she pulled that off, but I am glad she did. We concluded the shoot at the Dana Hotel where we visited the rooftop of the hotel with Dave and Cassie to grab some awesome footage of them overlooking the city. It was an awesome ending to their beautiful wedding day.

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Ceremony Venue: Osteria Via Stato – Chicago, IL
Reception Venue: Osteria Via Stato – Chicago, IL
Photographer: Jen Badalamenti – View Pictures
Hotel: Dana Hotel – Chicago, IL